Wednesday, August 28, 2013

NEW GROUP Gift set {{BSD Design studio}} original mesh shoes + hint/ location to get the 1L bag

Dear trend setters and supermodels, 

This is time to get the free group gift set-  {{ the post modernism }} bag and Shoe set ! at mainshop .
come and get them before they are out , they are limited !! 

the hint and location of how to get the bag is inside the group gift folder notecard, with landmark and hint, the bag cost 1Linden which worth 400L and more. 

Also, there is a " BACK TO SCHOOL 55L SALE Corner "" at the mainshop ! don't forget to go get the 1L, 10L, and 50L new gifts at " THE 24 EVENTS" it ends soon!!!!! and the limited SHOES !!! only 275L, which worth 750L  and the black leather will NOT go back to mainshop!!

Teleport to mainshop to get GROUP Gift << TELEPORT TO MAINSHOP >>

Teleport to " THE 24 EVENT" ===> << TELEPORT to 24 event >> end soon!

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