Tuesday, August 20, 2013

{{supermodel mvw }} fr {{BSD ddesign studi}} limited for THE 24 , coming soon on AUG 23 rd

dear friends and supermodels, 

Here we have another new releases for THE 24 event , will be opened on AUG 23 rd, The black one is 100 pairs limited, and will not be back to mainshop after event. 

This comes with 12 colours fatpack too, all at 50% off just for this event !!! 
{{BSD Design studio}} is located at teh Pink zone ( female fashion) . dont' forget to get the new 1L, 10L, 50L gifts and the Gatcha Machines in every shop ! 

Landmark  ===> << TELEPORT HERE >>

These will be available at THE 24 EVENT, on AUG 23 rd . 

< 3 have fun ! 

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