Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dear all. 

thank you for participating shoe fair photo contest, it is really really a difficult job for us to decide whichare the winners , there are sooo many amazing photos , and the final result is as follow: ;

Shoe fair 2013 , photo contests winners are  as follow: 

THE {{Best shoe blogger}} best photographers are :  - 
First place :Sookie Corbeau

the winners of 1000L store credits of {{BSD design studio}} are : 
2nd place : angel Tzara
3rd place:shena Neox 
4th Place Westley Dalton 
5th place  druuna metall

the follwoing will have the 500L store credits from {{BSD Deisgn studio}} 
Honourable mentions :  ( in random  order) 

Selina Graycloud
liv haalan
liv mckeenan
 Neda Andel
 alina moonkill
 nice wildrose

 congrats < to all winners > and the prize of store credits cards will be sent to u in 2 days, if didn't receive , please contact babychampagne sass. 


winner : sookie corbeau 

2nd place Angel Tzara 
3rd Place ; Shena Neox 

4th place : Westley Dalton 
5th place: Druun Metall 

And the followings are the Honourable Mentions: 
( in random order) 

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