Wednesday, October 16, 2013

{{ boutique Hotel suite }} gacha at Tibacota Travel Fair feauturing {{BSD Design studio}}

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( raw pics just cropped)
Dear friends,
ihave made the {{Boutique hotel suite}} , paris, paris nite( RARE), russia, hong kong, iceland for you to have fun with,

comes with Gatcha , 75L per play .

INFO of the hotel suite :
{[BSD Design studio}}boutique hotel suite with walls ALL separeted, Not linked inorder for you to move around and play with it, in order to take them easily, just click select ALL and take . will link all together by just click *link.

TOTAL - prims - 86Li.

area size- 10m x10

Inorder to have the WHOLE set- u need to colelct -
1- {{BSD Design studio}}boutique hotel shell
2-{{BSD Design studio}}boutique hotel -feature wall - map, word,etc
3-{{BSD Design studio}}boutique hotel-mykonos vast
4-{{BSD Design studio}}boutique hotel-plywood chairx2
5-{{BSD Design studio}}boutique hotel-light x 3
6-{{BSD Design studio}}boutique hotel-silver lining curtain black x 2
7-{{BSD Design studio}}boutique hotel-plywood table
8-{{BSD Design studio}}boutique hotel-golden sculpture
9-{{BSD Design studio}}boutique hotel-golden blows
10-{{BSD Design studio}}boutique hotel-comfy chairs x 2

original price set is -2999L
Have fun!!!!

with separated FEATURE wall , - so u can play with the wall on the boutique hotel- comes with -
1- wall map
2- wall words.
3-wall scratch
4-wall grey blur
5-wall grey y

**the doors and windows are not scripted. this is intended for editorial photo shoots for supermodels in sl.

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