Thursday, October 24, 2013


Dear friends and supermodels :
have you think of the trouble of thinking what to buy for your love, granny, daughter, son ? A same pet, a dog for every x'mas?? a NO-no.. it is boring and no surprise... a car evry time you think of giving a treat to your love?? no - no .. coz' no refund if u buy the wrong thing and she doens't like .

NOW< the revolution of second life gifting system has arrived on grid!! you can no more buy the wrong thing to your love!! we have our WISH lists... and they can simply go there and get it and surprise your spouse or daughter/son or your beloved one, give her a treat, everday, not necessary on the anniversay day or x'mas eve.! Show your love! and get the right thing

HERE To get your FREE wish list HUD==>

how it works?

here is the new system with the wish list hud, u simply click and record on your web site under your name and everyone can search for it!


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