Monday, October 14, 2013

Dear supermodel and friends ,

whoohoot !! crazy day crazy nite lol i m so hunrgy in the middle of the nite at 4 am lol throw me some cookies !!
I am so happy to share with you my beauty secrets and makeup routine whenever i attend fashion show, casting and beauty contest. ENJOY! <3

This fall, {{BSD Design studio}} has lunched the first collection of makeup serious,
1..-causal chic eye shadows palette.
2-editorial set for magazine covers
a, shinning purple
b.cherry fierce
c. lace
d. haute couture lace set

3. Catwalk eyeliners with shape wings and edges for fashion show to be viewed from a distant.

with {{BSD Design studio}} supermodels: 
-blue prochers

and more in later winter serious <3
stay tuned

with other supermodels
jamee binder
gretel bulloch
and floraniana


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