Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dear friends and supermodels,

Today i m very very happy and flatterd to know that finally my little shop has 1000 group members and 3250 subscribers. thank you so much for your all time support and super cool styling<3

To show my appreciation to all of you, the shop has FLASH sale today with this fab shoes with the most finest details, texture baked in 3ds max software and texture painted in hand, for you down from 1200L to 199L !!!!!! yes it is 199L !! runnnn

also, please find all the little RED SHOES< they are on sale only 288L> yes it is 288L from 950L ... hope you enjoy!!

you deserve a shopping spree in this hectic world LOL

lots of loveeeeeeeeeeeee that's y i picked hte red shoes ==> lots of loves...

landmark to MAINSHOP , your private jet ===> << CLICK here to TELEPORT?>>

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